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Bleaching surgery dental cleaning with orthodontic brackets in white teeth implants surgery aesthetics with brackets.

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Tooth whitening teeth bleaching dental cleaning teeth.  
Implants teeth with orthodontics for dental aesthetics.

Clean teeth with tooth whitening.

Bleaching in office.
the best treatment is to combine in office with matrix or home nightguard bleaching.

This young student was unhappy with her darky stained gray brown obtain a good result by bleaching teeth of this color was nevertheless attemted.

following multiple in office bleaching teatment, the teeth are much lighter. 

Bleaching orthodontic dental implants for aesthetic white teeth cleaning aesthetics.


Bleaching of teeth with dental cleaning.

Orthodontics with tooth for tooth aesthetics.

Porcelain Laminates
much lighter color was achieved by laminating the fronts of the teeth with bondined porcelain.With this technique saves enamel, thereby helping to preserve the health of the teeth as well.

A Natural look, This woman felt her stained teeth were aging her smile.




White teeth cleaning and whitening teeth.

Tooth whitening and dental braces for aesthetics.

High Lipline and Stained Plastic Veneers
Cosmetic gum raising and composite resin bonding.The contour ofthe gum tissue was changed to be in harmony with her upper lipline.

This young high school student was dissatisfied with her plastic laminates.





Aesthetic dental and orthodontic tooth whitening.

Bleaching of teeth with dental implants and aesthetics.

High Lipline and Discolored Teeth
First step , cosmeticgum-raising procedure was planned. followed by the placement of ten porcelain laminates, this woman's smile is made much more attracitve.

This patient wanted lighter teeth.however teeth lighter would not give her as attractive a smile as possible.





Tooth whitening and bleaching of teeth.

Implants with tooth whitening teeth for whites.

Bleaching teeth with orthodontics aesthetics.

Dark front Tooth
Microabrasion plus bleaching, this prettier smile was achivied in aproximately four weeks by combination of bleaching and microabrasion.

In office bleaching natural color was restored to the tooth, which helped improve his smile.micro abrasion, treatment for this patient consisted of isolating the tooth with a rubber dam, applying an acid polishing paste, and tooth bleaching.








Bleaching teeth with teeth and cleaning teeth.

Bleaching of teeth and implants of white teeth.

Tetracycline Staining
It is much less noticeable.

Due to the patient having taken tetracycline during short term in her early years.combination bleaching with home matrix technique produce this effect is still perceptible.





Orthodontics with dental implants for aesthetic.

Bleaching of teeth and tooth whitening.

Brown Stains with Coffee and Tea
He pleased with his new smile which now radiates from every view.

Bleaching attempted to remove the yellow stain.after one bleaching the stain most disappeared.





Implant placement of white teeth cleaning tooth whitening treatments placement of orthodontic treatments aesthetics.

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Orthodontic tooth whitening teeth whitening whitening teeth cleaned dental implants white teeth cleaning orthodontics for whites. Orthodontics aesthetics implants for aesthetic for cleaning teeth white aesthetics with implants.